How Online tailoring services– Bespoke Tailoring made easy!

"Our Online tailoring service are available right from the comfort of your home Either you can choose to use the online medium or call for a tailor right at your doorstep Or you can Call us on +91-9711448196 Our expertise covers all your Online tailoring service needs. Available for both men & women, we offer bespoke online tailoring experience for all kinds of traditional, western or Indo-western clothes For men, we offer stitching of Suits, Blazers, Pants, Shirts, Indo-westerns, Sherwanis, Jackets, Waist-Coats, Jawahar Kurtas, Ties, Bow-ties and everything you can think of. We also offer customized leather shoes for men’s formal attire In the Ladies segment, we cater to stitching of suits, trousers, Plazzos, Blouses, Indo-westerns and more. Our work process is very simple. After you fix an appointment with us, our expert designer or tailor will visit you at the scheduled time to understand your needs and take your measurements. Once all details of your garment are finalized, you will be given a receipt with a date of delivery In online tailoring services when our stitching unit receives your order, it is meticulously handled by our expert tailoring team. Stitched to perfection, the garment passes through several experts who ensure quality stitching at every step. Once the garment is ready, made-to-measurement, it is packed and dispatched to your home. Tailor Style – a promise of quality and timely delivery every day of the year!">you